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TFT: AUO Displays


With AUO as one of the biggest and most well-known industrial panel manufacture in the market, Beck Elektronik Display (BED) is proud to have access on the AUO’s full-product range.

Ranging from 2.4" to 64.5" with high contrast and luminosity, as well as with extra ordinary viewing angle, AUO is able to cover the whole market for industrial, notebook and monitor panels through the BED in Europe.

Through local market support, the BED can also offer customers a highly qualified technical support, refinement activities through local partners and design-in activities by our engineering staff.

Besides these competitive advantages BED offers a huge variety of logistic services, tailor made for every customer.

A/D Boards


Our current standard portfolio includes six different product families. All A/D boards are based on Realtek chip families.

The boards in standard sizes are DCMR-40 / DCMR-45 with Realtek RTD2533/RTD2555 and DCMR-60 / DCMR-61 with Realtek RTD 2486.

Besides our standard size boards, we offer two boards with small outline and low profile: DCMR-30 based on RTD2533 with VGA / DVI input and DCMR-44 based on RTD2483 with HDMI input.

For special application with outstanding features, we offer board called PMD 1.0 Professional Monitor Device

We offer support in implementing your individual customized software solution. The software development department is located in Nuremberg, Germany. All Realtek related boards are an in-house development



- Interface Cables

- LED Cables

- Inverter Cables

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